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Replay NO overwrite
« on: May 26, 2006, 11:20:55 am »
as promissed last night on the server to the people who want to be sure and save ALL replays and not have to out the game save the file then hop back in the game .

open your player .PLR file in notepad and search for ""Replays Dated""

should come up as

Replays Dated="0" // Replays have date in filename               

change this to

Replays Dated="1" // Replays have date in filename

save file

now every race will be saved as separate file and multiple race sessions won't over write the file

now the warning ...............make sure you check your replays folder regular and weed out the dead wood as this will save a new file for every race you do single player and multiplayer so when you do ya practicing every time you load a track a file is made even if you don't do a lap ............this will lead to a hell of a lot of files LOL

when i race i normally check the replay make sure it's not a duff one then rename to a sensible name rather than the one the game gives it