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[SJ]Kristof Huyck

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« on: August 29, 2009, 09:59:48 am »
Race Replays

Results have been uploaded to gpcos


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Re: MoSport
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Thanks Kristof.

Race 1
Qualified 3rd behind the blinding paces of Milan and Kristof.
Had a good start and followed the two carefully. On the back straight I passed Kristof and was away.
Of course he came back soon on the lap but as long as I could stay in front until Moss I could keep this position.
On lap 2 or 3 I made some mistakes and the forcefully attacking Belgian  ;) sneaked by on the inside of turn 3.
I countered and knew that my line downhil towards Moss would be  a tricky one but II wanted to leave room with K-man beside me.
I stept on the grass, swerved across track and lost it on the grass on the other side, slammed into the barrier and the engine died in a puff of black smoke.
What a dumb ass move. I should of course have waited till the back straight to regain position and then be steady.
I temporarily left coms and was proud that instead of smashing my coffee mug to pieces I took the clean laundry out of the machine and hung it to crashed racing drivers do.
Coming back to the scene I watched a fantastic scrap between Jack and Mak, awesome show guys!!!
Milan put the Cobra on first and Kristof came second after telling me  " There's no point in pushing, I can't catch him anyway" with a slight hint of annoyment... lol
Velo was there too and is getting to grips with these beasties but I think he had fun, great fun.
Beta too.

In 3rd again, clear between Milan-Kristof and Mak-Jack.
Good start, entered T1 in front of Milan and while Kristof was 'warming up the tyres'  :D  I drove very very close to him in the first corners while Milan already wanted to attack.
Before T3 Kristof had lag and I wanted to stay clear, juuust stepped on the grass.....swoosh, off.
This time I JUST didn't catch the tyre wall head on but slid along the used rubbers.
I had a great race in catching Velo (no letting me by next time mate, was for position  :))  and then set off to catch Jack and Mak in the Cobras.
From qualy I knew I was just a bit faster so it should work.
I was close to Jack when he spun in a special way (?) in T last and I couldn't avoid him.
NP, we both lived, beit that Jack's steering was bent. Velo JUST missed me when I didn't watch out coming back on track (sorry)
I think Velo lost it then somewhere  and I had visual on Mak again when I stepped on the grass again in the same bloody spot and lost it again!
Well, it's clear I haven't found my full concentration back yet but it'll come , slowly but surely.
Jack just couldn't pass before I was back on track and now I worked hard to stay in front , pass Velo again and just do e-ve-ry-thing to minimize the gap to Mak.
19 seconds in 14 minutes or, not possible. I was up against a Swiss clock!
But hey, it came down to 8 seconds at he finish so I was happy with that adventure.

Great racing again guys, I'll try to be more stable next time, to many misses in P&G for me.


Throwing the Elan into corners, with all the squeeks and noises that go with it.....sweeeeeet!  :excited:

[SJ]Kristof Huyck

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Re: MoSport
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2009, 10:37:39 am »
In qualify I was close to Milan twice, but I made in both races too many mistakes to challenge him. The second race was even worse... In the last corner of the race I slided away into the pitstop and since there was an automatic pit limit imposed on me I lost my second place to MaK lol


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Re: MoSport
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I was close to Jack when he spun in a special way (?) in T last and I couldn't avoid him.

First of all, this only happened after some fine defending from Jack when I was chasing him for several laps.
Great to try and figure out the huge differences between these cars!
About the spin, clearly, Jack hit the curb, which is very slippery here. I think it's actually cool that they work something like this in P&G.
Realistic? Dunno, never driven n a track but I like the fact that you can't just climb curbs without risk.
Lucky for me , I knew about this slippery one at Mosport from practice, duh.

[SJ]Milan Milicevic

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Re: MoSport
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Nice races guys,

I should be satisfied after 2 victories. First race with Cobra was all about to be in first place in T1 or taking it at the straight. Surprisingly I menage it in T1 and after that been focused in my own driving till the flag.

2nd race with Elan was a "bit" different. In 1 lap Qualy Kris stole pole, but he will be ahead of me in T1 anyway :) with his Cobra.
Before T1 Caspar also takes me and attacked Kris but only for few corners when he visited grass I suppose :)
Now I had a to do mission impossible "how to overtake Cobra with Elan".  Kris easily cruised on straight and I caught him on corners but that was all.
His mistake in last turn helped me and it was end of our battle.
Nice result for Mak in his slower Cobra.

Interesting facts in results, my race fastest laps with both cars in races ware separated by 0.001 sec. :) (1m32.720 vs 1m32.721) ... and my overall race times with both cars are separated under 1 sec. (25.00.6 (Elan) vs. 25.01.4 (Cobra)). But I should said I slowed down last lap with cobra by 3-4 sec to avoid driving another lap, with Elan it was perfectly matched :)
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Re: MoSport
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another very nice and exciting night of racing

race 1 :

amazing battle with jack, i think we were very close for at least 12 of the 16 laps, including the last one when we were even side by side for a few seconds. He had a better line in the hairpin and could always build a gap there so i couldnt do anything, but i tried putting pressure for the whole race and i really enjoyed it.

too bad for caspar burning his car, and the rest i didnt really see cause those 2 guys in front were really in another category.

i watched the replay and i think velo and beta enjoyed their races too with some battles and passing.

race 2 :

i got lucky there i guess, with jack crashing and breaking part of his car, caspar crashing 2 times all alone and hitting Jack when he spun, i found myself in 3rd place which was a lot better than what i expected.

Even with his bad start Caspar soon regained momentum and was closing the gap fast, but i knew i would probably be ok unless i crashed because it was a sprint race and there wasn't much time left.

Then even more luck, kristof crashed in the last corner of the last lap and ended up in the pits, really incredible.

thx all

some pics of the night ....


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Re: MoSport
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Wonderful, well, the pics.  :hats off: :hats off: :hats off:


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Re: MoSport
« Reply #8 on: August 31, 2009, 02:17:50 pm »
Absolutely enjoyed this race tho i was so tired i could hardly focus and was more on the green than the grey  :|
One of the greatest moments was when driving full speed (oh well ...) over the hills and curves hearing that wonderful sound of the cobra and to top it off a true racing commentary! thanks for that :) , but a pity you crashed...

great pictureshow again mr. MaK  :hats off:

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