Author Topic: [P&G2.1] fun race - VirtuaLM Mid Ohio (Chicane) Saturday and Sunday 4/25/26  (Read 966 times)

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[P&G2.1] fun race - VirtuaLM Mid Ohio (Chicane)

Track:  Virtua LM Mid Ohio Chicane

    (same times both days) Saturday 25th April & Sunday 26th April

    Qualifying: 18:00 UTC/GMT, 20:00 CET/MEZ, 19:00 British summer time (BST) (U.S TIMES:14:00 EDT, 11:00 PDT)

    Race: 18:30 UTC/GMT, 20:30 CET/MEZ, 19:30 BST, (U.S TIMES:14:30 EDT, 11:30 PDT)

    Cars: Lotus Cortina Works & Mann and Alfa Romeo Junior

Server: [PnG2.1]RDD-FUN
Flags: all
Mechanical: Normal
Rain: Random
Tyre Wear: Normal
Fuel: Normal

Force Cockpit View: No
Difficult: Simulation
Automatic Gears: Yes
Automatic Clutch: Yes
Practice: [PnG2.1]RDD-FUN (thx to gator)
Qual: 30min
Race: 30 laps

Terrain Patch: on

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