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GTR2 Manager NOW on our server
« on: November 20, 2007, 02:34:21 pm »
we are now running GTR2Manager_BETA7 on our server by using this there will be more control of the game  on the fly by an appointed admin in the game

GTR2 Manager is a utility to extend the default dedicated server functionality. The
dedicated server Manager adds the following options:

   * Extended info on drivers currently on the server:
     driver name and login name, carname, current penalty, laps driven,
          current gear, current RPM and their best laptimes.
   * RACE mode: pre-configure drivers by entering their full driversname.
           players not in the list can be automatically removed from
           the server. No need to setup and communicate passwords anymore!
   * Give individual drivers a weight penalty between -120 and 120KGs during
     practice, qualification and/or race.
   * Auto move to Qualification session at a pre-configured time, informing
     all drivers of the race rules prior to start.
        * Display informational messages at any given moment in any session.
   * KICK or BAN people from your server, keeping wreckers offline.
   * Drivers are able to set a track-record on each track. Drivers can request
          the current track record from within the game or you can advertise it
          using a message rule.
   * In-game command parser which allows you to configure almost every aspect
          of the manager from within GTR2 ! See remarks below for more info.
        * Alter the startgrid prior to a race during Qualifying session.
   * Give time penalties (extra seconds on best time) to drivers.
        * Auto apply the WeatherFix (as JTSN released it) to the server, enabling
          dynamic weather during the race..
    * Increase maximum number of drivers on a server up to 32.
   * Client crash recovery in Qualification - if you get a BSOD or crash during
          qualification, you will get your time restored when you rejoin.
    * Multilanguage dedicated server support (English, German, French and Italian)

In-game command parser.

Using the ingame command parser anyone can use the functionality of the manager from
within the game itself. Official race administrators can setup a race (auto move to
qualify) or give weight penalties to drivers instantly. The following commands are
currently supported:

highlighted in RED are admin only
highlighted in BLUE are anybody

Displays version information

Displays the current time (on server)

!list [add] [remove] fullname*
Without parameters: Gives a list of every registered driver.
add: Register new driver with "fullname"
remove: Deletes driver from list with fullname "fullname"

!setpenalty weight fullname*
Set new penalty (in KGS) for driver with fullname "fullname"
(driver must be registered to receive penalty)

!timepenalty seconds fullname*
Give player with "fullname" a time penalty on his best-time
of x seconds. (player already must have driven a best time
in order to receive a time penalty).

!next [SESSION] [EVENT]*
Advance server to next session or next event

Will restart the race (during race session)

!qualify [off] [at] [HH:MM]*
Without parameters: tells you if auto-move-to-
-qualify is enabled and if so: at what time.
off: turns scheduled qualify OFF.
at: schedules qualify at HH:MM (use 24h format)

!swap pos1 pos2*
Swap drivers with positions pos1 and pos2 on the
grid. This allows you to change the grid-order
before a race will start.

!kick fullname*
Immediatly kicks player with fullname from server
(ban a player by using the "ban list" tab)

Displays the current best driver of the track (if any)

Commands marked with * are admin-only !

admins to do this will be listed soon