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GTR2 addon sounds MethylEthyl
« on: February 14, 2008, 06:46:47 pm »
Anyone tried these? Gonna dload them & try em out after work in 8 hours'ish time
The Sounds of GTR2

I took the 2004 cars out and compared the sounds from the original GTR2 with MethylEthyl's sound mod. I wont mention all the cars as I think this selection is quite representative. Here are my impressions.

Corvette: More subdued and much more subtle engine than the original. More detail, transmission whines and exhaust bangs when you down-shift. Blends very nicely with tire skidding sounds. More convincing than the original sounds... which weren't bad either!


Ferrari 360 GTC: More dramatic than original. Perhaps a bit too loud or too much echo.

Ferrari 550: More detail with the transmission sounds. A bit more mechanical than the original, which I find good.

Ferrari 575: This is a very good example of how the engine note changes with varying strain. As the engine is pushed towards top revs, the note seems to becomes more urgent. This is a very nice touch.

Maserati MC12: Now with its own sound. In the original GTR2 I think it sounded just like the Ferrari. Now it is distinct and individual. An overall improvement to the game. Although I haven't really checked with my own personal Ferraris and Maseratis in my garage.

Lotus Elise: The new sound more mechanical. "Tinny" is not the right word, but mechanical, more raw, more interesting giving the impression of a relatively small engine working very hard.

Porsche 911 Biturbo: More turbo sound than the original, which is good. The engine sound in the original version is more subdued and I must confess to missing that part of it.


Porsche GT3 Cup: Impresses with a snarling sound that pushes to the front of the spectrum at top revs. Very nice indeed.

Lamborghini: Whoa! It really sounds like the angry bull now, instead of another Ferrari as in the original. Much more pronounced transmission sounds. If you watch this video I have to think that this is an example of different hardware rendering different results. The sound in the video in my opinion does not quite live up to the sound I have on my equipment. I feel like taking the bull by its horns!


Lister Storm: A bit difficult to judge when the engine is in top revs as there are no audio clues indicating it is time to change up. I must confess I prefer the original for its dramatic effect. This is how it sounds to me, on my hardware. In the video however, the sound is very sweet indeed.

Saleen: More pronounced whirring noises and a slightly subdued but very healthy rumbling from the engine. I think this is closer to how it really sounds inside the real car.

TVR: A bit like the Lister, it is hard to judge when you've arrived at revs. And like the Lister, I admit to preferring the original, at least on my hardware.

BMW M3: Another very good example of how the engine note changes with varying strain. As the engine is pushed towards top revs, the note seems to becomes more urgent. Extremely nice.

Well, the list could go on with the Chrysler Viper; Big block V8 all the way and it sounds just like it too! The Vertigo 2003 car and the realization that the more I try out these sounds the more I discover, i.e. the sound generated during throttle lift-off. Distinctive and different from the sound generated when accelerating. The same observation goes for the Morgan Aero 8, another 2003 car which sounds not too different from the GTR2 original but perhaps I'm just imagining things, but somehow I feel more confident and more in control of the cars when using this sound mod.


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Re: GTR2 addon sounds MethylEthyl
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2008, 08:07:52 pm »
I think I downloaded them somewhere, but I there were some fairly mixed comments floating around about them so I never bothered installing them.

I think for the next little while I'm gonna keep GTR2 as vanilla as possible... I would really like to attend the next race if at all possible  :yep:


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Re: GTR2 addon sounds MethylEthyl
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2008, 09:22:37 pm »
Yeah I gave them a go and didnt like them at all to be honest,the on/off throttle transitions and the gearbox sound just did not sound right to me fading from one side to the other.
I reckon the default gtr2 sounds are bloody good and I have tried heaps of addons but thats just me of course

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