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Formula Mazda
« on: August 17, 2008, 01:22:31 pm »
Wow..these things are fun. Difficult to change to after the Skippy's. Full Aero downforce and Goodyear Slicks. I really need to find the trick to driving these as they are fun but challenging. I see that Alex Ardoin is a real full time driver and iRacing driver as well. He posts quite often and I am hoping he is back home soon to try the new FM build that was just released. I think getting a real drivers opinion is much better than hearing all the stuff from people who have never been in the car. So far I know the fixed the off throttle understeer but I don't know if the on throttle understeer is there as thats what Alex says is realistic. (I am not sure I could tell the on throttle understeer from my regular crap driving)

Anyone else got these cars and up for some laps let me know..I could use some help.