Below is a list of the smileys available on this forum. Note that smileys may differ from forum to forum.

Please note that not all of the smiley codes will be correctly parsed and converted to images unless their opening spaces are present.

Name Image (click to insert) Code (type to insert)
fingers crossed :fingers crossed: :fingers crossed:
Badaboomtish :badaboomtish: :badaboomtish:
Say no More :say_no_more: :say_no_more:
easy rider :easy rider: :easy rider:
Blue Rinse :blue rinse: :blue rinse:
bar&grill :bar&grill: :bar&grill:
excellent :excellent: :excellent:
chocks away chocks away chocks away
thumbs down thumbs down thumbs down
Funky Drum :funkydrum: :funkydrum:
I'll get me coat :getmecoat: :getmecoat:
innocent :innocent: :innocent:
burn him :burn him: :burn him:
knockout :knockout: :knockout:
hats off :hats off: :hats off:
silly arse silly arse silly arse
Occupied :occupied: :occupied:
Excited :excited: :excited:
thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
smackeroo smackeroo smackeroo
Handbag :handbag: :handbag:
podium :podium: :podium:
salute :salute: :salute:
schtum :schtum: :schtum:
squash :squash: :squash:
gareth :gareth: :gareth:
Extend :extend: :extend:
finger :finger: :finger:
Roll on the Floor Laughing :rotfl: :rotfl:
Don't Know :dunno: :dunno:
Sorry :sorry: :sorry:
lewis :lewis: :lewis:
toker :toker: :toker:
rivet :rivet: :rivet:
dance :dance: :dance:
raver :raver: :raver:
toast :toast: :toast:
point score :point: :point:
punk :punk: :punk:
idea :idea: :idea:
kids :kids: :kids:
punt :punt: :punt:
Twit :twit: :twit:
pain :pain: :pain:
puke :puke: :puke:
ouch :ouch: :ouch:
bang :bang: :bang:
phwoar phwoar phwoar
Sulk :sulk: :sulk:
Funk :funk: :funk:
Hick :hick: :hick:
Text :txt: :txt:
Ponder :hmm: :hmm:
Angry :grr: :grr:
Yes :yes: :yes:
Tut :tut: :tut:
lag :lag: :lag:
superted :ted: :ted:
good to go :gtg: :gtg:
shh :shh: :shh:
cry :cry: :cry:
shy :shy: :shy:
No :no: :no:
elvis :ty: :ty:
om :om: :om:
question :?: :?:
Laughs out Loud lol lol
moo moo moo
what the..? 8-O 8-O
Shock :o :o
smile :) :)
wink ;) ;)
Sad :( :(
Big Grin :D :D
neutral :| :|
:P :P :P