Author Topic: GTR2 Flying cars/collision fix maybe?  (Read 1207 times)


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GTR2 Flying cars/collision fix maybe?
« on: March 13, 2008, 05:57:37 am »
Flogged this info on potential fix for cars doing weird things during collisions online ,ie you "bump" a car & it takes off doing summer salts .. :grrr:. Might be worth a try eh? :)

Here is a little thing you can do to your (user name.PLR) file to help reduce the crazy car flying up in the air when a collision occurs between yours and another's car online. This problem, and fix, was in NASCAR SIM by EA Sports also. The problem is that the internet creates latency that varies from player to player. The "server" tries to manage the "collision threshold" between vehicles. As a collision occurs, the server has to decide "when" contact will occur, and cause a visible in game reaction. Sometimes though, due to "lag" the cars actually "blend" together. As this happens, and the server then decides to have contact occur, a rather violent reaction occurs, thus the crazy antics of the cars. So I have altered my file to accommodate a slightly larger "threshold" to help the server account for lag, and make the collisions more realistic! First make a copy of your PLR file, and put it somewhere safe. Then open it in notepad, scroll down to MULTIPLAYER OPTIONS. and change just the following lines, to the values shown here. This will not cause online mis-matches!!

BoneSpring Threshold="1.00000" // If latency is below this threshold, the spring is disabled
BoneSpring Min Constant="25.00000" // BoneSpring(TM) constant at collision threshold
BoneSpring Max Constant="125.00000" // BoneSpring(TM) constant at spring enact latency (should be higher than constant min...)

Make sure there are 5 zero's after each decimal, and also make sure to keep the quotation marks intact. That's it, now go racing online, and see if your car behaves better with others!