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FFb in the Microsoft flightsims
« on: July 29, 2009, 07:01:53 pm »
Hi guys, i should have posted this a long time ago, as more and more ppl are having.. or might be getting a force feedback stick.

I found the FFB in both FS9(2004) and FSX to be quite weak... i've found a tweak somewhere that i obviously forgot to post... dont know if i found it myself, or that i googled it back then, but here goes:

I've found this file called FS9.cfg   a config file, neatly tucked away safely where you wouldn't look in the most common events:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9   

Somehow i've been in here and tested changing some numbers:

I'm quite sure i changed that force master gain up to 10.000.... i haven't tried the rest yet.. but i will in a moment.

I take it that FSX might have the same deal, i'll go look into that as well.. could be fun doing this expirimenting a bit... I like the wobble as i hit the ground with FSX.. except when i'm taxiiing i tend to get anoyed... also when in a helo the stick if wobbling all over on the ground, you cant land and take a just keeps wobbling.. guss i can turn that off with "force ground bumps enabled or something... i'll have a look right now and see what's there...

just remember... and i think that's about right:      0=no   1=yes

yep.. the fsx.cfg is indeed located in the directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX

and works the same way i think....  but i need to do some expirimenting on the force feedback strenght, ... we'll just have to see about that.. lol

I'll hopefully get back on that, but i recon you all can tweak it for yourselves once you know where it is..

Woof ~ Woof